The Folklore Museum of Chora

The Folklore Museum of Chora town in Kythnos was founded in 2014, at the initiative of the youth of Chora (Cultural Association of Chora Kythnos) and the valuable contribution of the inhabitants. It is a folklore collection of objects that are displayed in a traditional house in the “Piazza” of Chora, in which you will discover the spiritual treasures of Kythnos and you will experience its lively tradition.

Opening Hours: 19: 00-24: 00 Daily

Folklore Museum of Dryopida

It was founded by the active Association of Dryopidians (people originating from Dryopida Kythnos) in an old preserved house behind the church of the Holy Apostles. Agricultural tools are on display in the ground floor while the traditional uniforms of the male and female farmers, the equipment of the cell, the “bed” and the textile artifacts. The first floor illustrates with authenticity a traditional house of Thermia (kitchen, hall, bedroom), while on its walls are decorated with the engravings of Kythnos.

Opening Hours: 19: 00-24: 00 Daily

Ecclesiastical & Byzantine Museum

The Ecclesiastical & Byzantine Museum of the island is hosted in a specially designed area at the church of Saint Georgios in Dryopida and was founded on the initiative of Father Constantine Gonidis. There are several ecclesiastical exhibits of the Byzantine era in the museum and several icons that have survived over time.

Opening Hours: 9: 00-14: 00 and 17: 00-20: 00

Archaeological Museum

The Arcaeological Museum is housed in the old Primary School in the Chora of Kythnos.This is one of the 407 school premises that were constructed all over Greece (58 of them in the Perfecture of the Cyclades), in accordance with the first state school-building programme (Royal Decree of 1894), to plans by the prefectural engineer Dimitris Kallias.

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Opening Hours: 9: 00-15: 00 (Tuesday and Thursday is closed)