Anchorages (Mooring places)

One of the special morphological features of Kythnos is the large number of bays and coves along the coastline which are suitable for anchoring (Mooring).

Aghios Stefanos

On the southeastern side of the island is the large bay of Aghios Stefanos, which due to its peculiarity offers very good protection from meltemia (Westerly winds).

Aghios Ioannis

A little further north of Aghios Stefanos, also on the southeastern side of the island and with many smaller coves suitable for mooring, lies the bay of Aghios Ioannis. Its bottom is sandy but in many places, it has large seaweed formations. Aghios Ioannis is a good shelter from the Meltemia (Westerly winds). However, due to the bottom, we recommend that you moor near the coast. The beach has trees where you can tie the boat..


In the northwest part of the island lies the lull bay of Apokrousis. The bottom of the bay is mostly covered with seaweed so you can anchor at 4m. Dive to make sure that your anchor holds well. From Apokrousis you can enjoy the sunset.


On the northwest side of the island, south of Apokrousis and very close to the port of Mericha, is the Episkopi. The bay is open towards the West and good for mooring only in lull. Westerly winds bring a little bit of freshness.


Kolona is located in the northwest of Merichas, 3 km west of Chora. A narrow strip of sand connects the island of Kythnos with the island of Aghios Lucas, creating two beautiful coves, which are a paradise for pleasure boats, since there is no other such double-edged and unspoiled natural harbor in the Greek seas. It is a very good anchorage, since it is well protected from Westerly and southern winds. The seabed has seaweed and does not always give good grip. Choose to moor at the sandy beach.

Loutra Marina

The seaside settlement of Loutra is 5 km from Chora and is located on the north-eastern (NE) side of the island. The area is famous for its thermal springs, the healing properties of which have been known since ancient times. Moreover, due to the hot springs Kythnos is called Thermia. Loutra have a marina that offers good protection from the meltemia but also other facilities for the needs of the boats that arrive there.

Aghia Irene

East of the port of Loutra and at a short distance from it is the small picturesque and welcoming bay of Aghia Irene. It is a good place for anchoring. We recommend that you anchor at the NW side of the bay and at the 5-6m depth. The northern wind will make it hard for you to enter the small harbor. If you do, anchor in the small jetty for your safety.


The main port of the island is Merichas. It is located on the west side of the island and has relatively good protection from westerly winds (meltemia). Go stern side by side in the marina of the harbor. There you will find fuel, water, basic repairs, a bank, supermarkets, several taverns, cafes. Depth: 2-6 meters.

Panagia Kanala

The area was named after the church of Panagia Kanala, patron saint of the island. It is built in a beautiful location and stands out for its architecture. According to tradition, the icon of the Virgin Mary (Panagia) which is worshiped every year on the 9th of September, was found on a canal and is said to be the work of Apostle Luke. The settlement of Panaghia Kanala has a good bay that you can reach in a lull. However, it is known that the place does not offer a good protection against the Westerly winds (meltemia).


A beautiful anchorage, well protected from meltemia and the southwestern winds, is Fykiada. Depending on the wind, anchor either north or south of the small bay and drop anchor right in the middle. The bottom is sandy with seaweed. Although it is squally, it is a good refuge against meltemia (Westerly winds).
Deep in the bay, there is a strip of sand that connects the island with the smaller island of Aghios Loukas (Saint Luke). So, on the other side of the sandy strip, another bay is created, this time between Kythnos and Aghios Loukas with a sandy bottom and a good grip for your anchor. We recommend it for anchorage and swimming in its crystal clear waters. You can anchor and turn your ship’s stern towards the rocks to the north and tie it when it has meltemia.