Have fun in Kythnos

Arriving in Kythnos you will find that it is a beautiful mountainous Cycladic island between Tzia and Serifos which preserves its natural beauties. During your stay on the island and as you get to know better and better, you will enjoy not only its wonderful beaches but also the choices it offers you to have fun.

Its inhabitants are very hospitable and surely one of them will invite you to have your coffee or ouzo drink with him and he will treat you to some of the local delicacies such as frygadelia (lamb or goat liver and pieces of meat fried or barbequed) , tyrovoli (soft cheese and eggs) and kopanisti (mashed cheese).

 The beautiful picturesque houses that follow the traditional Cycladic architecture will excite you as you walk along the cobbled streets. Enjoy your walks in the stone cobblestone streets of Kythnos and be impressed by the traditional arches and fountains. Admire the courtyards and alleys painted with lime on which scenes of the island life are drawn. Enjoy your coffee or your meal at the beautiful and well-maintained cafes and restaurants. In case you want to get to know the nightlife, the places to enjoy your drink are more than enough. Its bars and clubs are waiting for you to have fun drinking and dancing until the early morning hours.