Marine and Diving in Kythnos

Marine and Diving Tourism

 Kythnos is a close and accessible destination, unknown to many, but it contains infinite secrets for the lovers of nature. It is suitable for diving excursions, while the local diving center that operates in the area of Loutra organizes diving excursions and escapes. In addition, fishing enthusiasts will enjoy their hobby rich in fish

Discover the sea bottom of Kythnos by diving in its crystal clear waters

The sea and the sea bottom of Kythnos reflect and represent the unique classical Aegean beauty favored by its geographical location. Strong currents and waves sculpt underwater scenery, shaping incredible beauty coastlines and amazing reefs. At the same time they enrich these “wild” waters with life and offer divers a spectacle that is difficult to find in other parts of Greece.

At Loutra, there is a fully-equipped diving center to accompany you to wonderful excursions in more than 30 different diving sites. Walls, reefs, caves, shipwrecks, crystal clear waters and beautiful life-filled landscapes, corals, and infinite colors that surpass any imagination. Unique and crystal clear waters invite sea lovers to an endless enjoyable adventure.

The many small or big beaches and the hospitable lull bays invite every diver, as well as the lovers of the Sea and nature to enjoy these unique beauties almost all year round. The cozy whitewashed villages, with the picturesque streets, as well as the tours to the other beauties of the island, such as the Castle, the Katafyki Cave, the beach of Kolona, can be combined with diving, offering a unique diving holiday in Kythnos.

At Loutra there is a fully equipped and organized diving center where you will find everything a diver, even the most demanding one may need. You will be impressed and will come back for sure! That is because in Kythnos you will be really diving with friends!